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I Reign as a God, no one can match me! || Mike Tyson Interview

January 02, 2023 Mike Tyson Season 5 Episode 12
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I Reign as a God, no one can match me! || Mike Tyson Interview
Show Notes

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A special automotive podcast episode featuring an interview with a global icon.  

Eight questions with the legendary boxer, movie star, entrepreneur, and youngest heavyweight champion of all time, Kid Dynamite, the Baddest Man in the World - “IRON” Mike Tyson

“You have to want to be the best more than you want to breathe. - that’s when you reach the top of your game.” - Mike Tyson

Guest host and marketing keynote speaker Larry Bailin goes toe-to-toe with Iron Mike Tyson and asks the champ question he’s never been asked. 

Listen as Iron Mike discusses why he had to change his personal brand and what it takes to be a champion.

  • Why and how did you change your personal brand?
  • How do you know when it’s time to change direction?
  • What is the mindset of a champion? 
  • Does everyone have a champion inside themselves?
  • How does a champion deal with adversity?
  • Why do you feel adaptation is the number one factor in life?
  • Is it harder to reach the top or stay at the top?
  • Who is Mike Tyson today?
  • And many more insights and stories from the champ.

“I’m the best, and how dare they try and take it from me. No one stands a chance. I reign total supreme in my field “ - Mike Tyson

Listen as Iron Mike talks about the mindset of a champion as only the Baddest Man Alive can.

“You have to be up more than anyone wants you to be down. You need that total belief and confidence that you can conquer the world and crush it to your feet! You reign as a god! You have to believe you’re a god, and there is no one that can match me! How dare anyone try and take my job, crush them to their knees!”  - Mike Tyson


This interview is a pre-cursor to Mike Tyson’s guest appearance, live at the DCG NADA HEAVYWEIGHT DINNER on January 28th in Dallas, Texas. This is a VIP invitation-only event hosted by the Dave Cantin Group and DCG Acquisitions, the automotive industry's top M&A firm.  Mike will participate in a live fireside chat, enjoying dinner with guests and a meet and greet photo session.
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This episode is brought to you by DCG Giving.
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