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Nathan Fox - Merchandising During Inventory Shortage

May 04, 2021 Dealer News Today Season 2 Episode 20
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Nathan Fox - Merchandising During Inventory Shortage
Show Notes

During 10-plus years in the consumer packaged goods industry, Nathan Fox watched e-commerce go from being a small part of the industry to becoming a major commercial channel. Now years later, he’s seeing the same dynamic play out in the automotive industry.     

Nathan, who is Senior Director of Business Development at Cox Automotive, draws on his past experience to inform his current role, helping automotive dealerships obtain the tools they need to sell more cars at better prices—online or in the showroom.     

Interview Highlights:     

  • Nathan talks about the present state of supply and demand in new and used car sales, with a prediction on when the current inventory shortage will end.     
  • Nathan and Derek discuss SnapLot 360, a new imaging technology that lets dealers use their smartphones to capture a 360° interior and exterior video (with a voiceover) of any car in their inventory, to help consumers shop confidently online.     
  • We find out which dealerships saw customer satisfaction rise during the pandemic.     

Episode quote:     

“I always think there’s a strong connection between the product you have on your lot, the way you price it, and the promotional merchandising you do . . . The more that a dealer pulls on those levers in a concerted, holistic manner, the more they’re going to maximize their returns.”     

— Nathan Fox     


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vAuto is a powerful inventory management tool that helps today’s dealers run better than the competition. It is part of Cox Automotive, a world leader in Automotive Industry software, information, and innovation.     

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